Do not use soap to wash your face or remove makeup

Do not use soap to wash your face or remove makeup

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Do not use soap to wash your face or remove makeup, because soap as we all know dries the face, and dry skin is conducive to wrinkle formation Apply moisturizers and nourishing creams to keep your skin supple and moist This will prevent early onset of wrinkles Applying vitamin E oil on the face will also help nourish the skin and increases the water-holding capacity of the skin Drink ample amounts of water Staying hydrated keeps the skin elasticity at its best If you are into the habit of smoking, you might want to Rejuvaessence reconsider that! This is because smoking weakens the skin cells and results in wrinkle formation Taking a multi-vitamin supplement will also keep your skin nourished and healthy Try wearing facial patches, which are made from skin-friendly materials These patches are to be applied on the skin between the eyebrows and work by preventing formation of wrinkles when you go to sleep This can be also applied on faint wrinkle lines One point to be noted is that the above-mentioned preventive measures are only things you can do to keep your skin moisturized and supple These measures will not prevent onset of wrinkles between the eyebrows, however, they may help in delaying the onset So don't get discouraged if after all your efforts, wrinkles still begin to appear Wrinkles between the eyebrows sneak into your face while you are eating, driving, working, woolgathering, exercising, etc Every time you feel an emotion, there are chances of new wrinkles being etched onto the face So keep monitoring your emotions and avoid holding onto an emotion that makes you frown for too long! It happens to the best of us One day you're staring at a clear face in the mirror and then the next time you stare at a mirror, there they are - wrinkles all around the mouth
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