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Here we will go step by step in understanding the changes in the baby, your health, and the action plan. Your Baby at 36 Weeks As per the pregnancy development calendar, at 36 weeks, you have completed the full term of pregnancy. Hence, the baby has completed its full development and her arrival is expected anytime soon. Your little one weighs approximately six pounds and is about twenty inches in length, though she continues to gain weight during this week (approximately an ounce a day)! As of now, most of the bones in the baby's body will be of cartilage and will be quite soft. This aids in delivery and prevents injuries to both, the mother and the baby, during childbirth. Also, the baby will start Test X180 Alpha accumulating fat deposits under her skin, this helps in regulating the baby's body temperature once she takes birth. The baby will maintain a head-down (vertex) or a butt-down (breech) position during this week, preparing for birth. Furthermore, the baby will start moving lower in the abdomen towards the pelvis, so as to attain proximity to the birth canal. The baby will have less room to kick or jab, so her movements may be slight and squirmy. You may notice your belly is slightly pulled downwards, due to the position of the baby in the womb. You will be able to lift your belly with both hands. Moreover, most of the baby's systems are fully functioning, like the blood circulation and the immune system. The development and growth of the brain is at a rapid pace now.
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