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Selenium is another important mineral for good skin, and a deficiency may be due to refined food consumption, and lack of essential fats. Mushrooms, cabbage, courgettes, avocados, lentils, seaweed and Brazil nuts contain this important mineral. Vitamin A and E, are both very important for skin health, and if your diet doesn't include carrots, apricots, melon, red asparagus, tangerines, Visible Allure Anti Aging Serum peppers, broccoli, squash, mango, sweet potatoes, watercress, papayas, pumpkin, tomatoes, parsley and green leafy vegetables, as well as fresh seeds, nuts, cold pressed vegetable oils, beans and peas, you will be deficient in these important vitamins. They are also potent anti-oxidants, so they keep your skin young, as well as healthy. Vitamin C is also very important to attain and maintain healthy skin and fresh produce is often missing this important vitamin, due to long storage times and the distance that some fresh produce has to Visible Allure travel to get to the consumer. You will find good quantities in citrus fruits, melons, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, broccoli, strawberries, watercress, cabbage, peas and kiwi fruit. Great skin starts on the inside If you want great health - and great skin - you have to eat the best food you can find, and supplement with a good green drink and a multivitamin, which is a very good insurance against nutrient deficient produce. ... ging-serum
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