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Loved cigarettes and it was a marriage of convenience that kept us together as one. And for Nicocure decades it took its toll on my lifestyle and me. Nicotine controlled me and I was not the wiser. A friend once told me that with every pull of smoking I took, 5 seconds was taken from my lifetime. My rational answer was, we are all going to die from something, you'll never know what or how. Enough said for the glory of cigarette smoking cigarettes. While visiting an elder near Green Bay, Wisconsin in about the spring of 1984, walking out to eating an authentic home-cooked Polish dinner for the very new. We ate Polish sausage and sauerkraut and some punch ass horseradish. It was the bomb! I was about 14 decades of age right at that moment. I Quit Smoking a girlfriend. She didn't smoking. I use to always brush my tooth, use .

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