Some medications taken for respiratory

Some medications taken for respiratory

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Some medications taken for respiratory problems, blood pressure, or steroid-based drugs may be among the causes of insomnia. Secondary insomnia, paradoxically, can also be caused by certain medications prescribed to treat it.
There is evidence, moreover, that alcohol, caffeine and nicotine have a negative effect on sleep.
Primerano and Country (2006) research report according to which Somnapure insomnia affect a percentage from 15 to 20% of the Italian population. Among these, research conducted in the Republic of San Marino has reported a prevalence of insomnia 13.4%. It is unclear whether these data should refer only to primary insomnia or sleep disorders in general, is of primary nature of that nature secondary to other diseases.
The prevalence of insomnia is certainly greater in people over 65 years, especially in older women.

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