The air is to know your qualities

The air is to know your qualities

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The air is to know your qualities. The air is moving, fresh, light, dry, rough, subtle, fluid, strong, clear and hard. While air is subtle, its effects are observable and so we have an idea of what it is. We associate the element air with the air we breathe. Thus, the ancient rishis recognized air as the immediate source of life. The lack of air would kill us faster than the lack of any other element. Thus, the concept of vayu (air) is synonymous with prana (vital energy). In nature, the ancient rishis described the air in five forms according to the direction of motion: inwards (prana), outward (vyana), up (udana), down (apana) and one that balances and stabilizes these movements, the force that pulls toward the center (samana). These five types of movements are called the five vayus or pranas.

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