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It may seem very obvious to an outsider that you're getting walked all over, but for the person who it's happening to, it can be quite difficult to see. This is usually because the player will be constantly manipulating the other person using their sweet charm and way with words; they may well have their victim hook, line, and sinker. Thankfully though there are some tell tale signs that you're being played and you're in the right place to discover them. Read on to identify some of the top signs that will help you decide if you're a bootie call or not. He/She's extremely confident to the point of being cocky - nothing seems to faze them. He/She owns two phones. He/She leaves the room when he answers the phone. He/She gets random texts then has to leave suddenly. He/She avoids wanting a relationship and anything that comes in between. He/She has never offered to take you out on a date. The only time he/she calls is at night - for sex. You have never met any of his/her mates, and likewise he/she has never met any of yours. He/She jokes a lot and gives their opinion a lot also. This tactic ensures that they take over and steers a conversation in Apex Booty his direction. He/She never invites you to his house. He/She will pressure you for sex early on in the relationship and if you refrain he/she will say that "it's just because I want you so badly". He/She will be logged out of Face book and other social networks so that you cannot see. He/She's always busy, or they will say that he/she will be busy so can only meet you tonight. This is great tactic for a player because they will be making last minute arrangements with their other bootie calls and will be shifting you around to fit in. Before you go wild though and start throwing out any accusations, always be sure to talk to your 'lover'. That said though, wither your a bootie call or not, if they are treating you in the above way, despite weather they are sleeping around or not, would you really want to stay? Just because Christmas is around the corner doesn't mean you should forget about your booty and start wolfing down apple pie and cream puffs.
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