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There are many types of meditation you can use, and I'll go over each one in future posts Melatonin is also useful for people who are not suffering from insomnia People suffering from jet lag or workers switching shifts Somnapure may also find melatonin to be a helpful natural sleep aid After a long plane ride, jet lag can last for days If you take melatonin before you sleep, you can speed up the adjustment period Also, if you have to switch from working the day shift to the night shift quickly, melatonin can be a natural sleep aid you should use Hello In this article, I'm hoping to help people solve sleep problems, such as insomnia or other disorders Many people turn to over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids, and these can have harmful side effects or cause addiction I'm going to talk about some natural sleep aids, and also aids I've personally found success with What is insomnia? Most people have occasional sleepless nights This is usually caused by a racing mind, stress, or a stimulant such as caffeine However, some people have chronic sleeplessness, or insomnia This is a mental condition which makes sleeping nearly impossible, every night As you can imagine, insomnia is an extremely frustrating illness Luckily, if you have insomnia, you're not "out of luck" There are hundreds of sleep-aid drugs that will help you in sleeping However, these drugs can be addictive and harmful Therefore, before resorting to harmful drugs, you should try out natural aids Most people go straight for prescription sleep aids, and end up becoming addicts Before, they couldn't fall asleep Now they can only fall asleep with a sleeping pill In my opinion, this is just a small step above insomnia Natural sleep aids attempt to cure insomnia without the harmful side effects That is why they are natural! :)
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