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That is what science is all about Medical or health science is no different Some Common Answers To The Question If you have ever searched for the answer to what causes acne, then you will likely receive a variable range of answers Perlelux or possible reasons of acne cause Let's take stock of some of the common responses to the question 'what causes acne' Skin infection is probably one of the most common answers you will hear from your doctor or dermatologist What follows will be a course of antibiotics and other topical prescriptions Excessive hormonal secretion is also another popular answer from the professionals Excessive sebaceous gland secretion of sebum or oil is another extremely popular answer given to the layman This is a great answer because it sounds so technical and scientific Most layman will fall for whatever that follows The excessive oil or sebum production will invariably lead to the flourishing population of bacteria on the skin, which then lead to inflammation of the skin Will Medication And Prescription Treat My Acne? Are the above answers to 'what causes acne' wrong? No they are correct to some extent as far as the process of acne formation is concerned but they are not what because acne Will the medication and prescription help treat your acne? Yes They will control your acne, as long as you continue to use them You can testify the truth to this last statement if you have been using prescription and medication for your acne treatment, or rather acne control Why Your Dermatologist Don't Always Cure Acne

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