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When a large amount of bacteria gains entry into the body through the nose or mouth, they may reside in any part of the body and gradually spread over time Although women are more susceptible to bacterial infection Rejuvaessence due to their anatomy, a recent research revealed that men are prone to sexually transmitted diseases as most of them practice unsafe sex Symptoms Is a bacterial infection contagious? Yes of course! Depending upon the mode of transmission they will spread from one person to another if certain precautionary measures are not taken Bacterial infection symptoms in men may vary from person to person Healthy men are quite capable to thwart any bacterial attack without any treatment Also, men suffering from STDs often do not show any symptoms for quite some time Generally, symptoms that appear are mild and hence are neglected However, bacteria affecting the urinary system or throat cause symptoms that are experienced within a short time STI in Men A recent study revealed that there are over 25 diseases that can be transmitted through sexual contact (oral, vaginal or anal) Of those, only three sexually transmitted infections (STIs ) are caused by bacteria, that are fortunately curable The most commonly occurring (STIs) in men due to bacteria are as follows Syphilis: This bacterial infection occurs in both sexes and initially manifests in the form of painless sores (an open wound) that generally appear on the genitals (sex organ) or mouth

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