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It was observed that the participants had no difficulty in recalling the letters in the row indicated by the tone On an average, most subjects were able to recall 3 out of 4 letters in the row This proved that all the Nooflex twelve letters had been registered in the visual sensory store Experiment by Guttmann and Jules (1963) In 1963, Guttmann and Jules asked the participants to put on headphones and listen to the repeated segments of white noise (noise produced by a stimulus that contains all the audible frequencies of vibration) produced with the help of a computer It was ensured that a repeating pattern of white noise was put together without any gap between repetitions It was observed that the participants were unable to recognize the fact that the sound was being repeated, if the repeating segment of the noise lasted longer than a few seconds All they could hear was a continuous sound with no pattern On the other hand, the subjects could realize that they were hearing a repeated sound, when the segment of white noise lasted less than two seconds Thus, the exact pattern of sound was preserved in the auditory sensory store for a brief duration In a study conducted by Lu, Williamson, and Kaufman (1992), a neuroimaging technique called magneto encephalography was used for mapping brain activity This study revealed activity in the auditory cortex 2-5 seconds after the sound stimulus
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