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Victims of abuse have a smaller corpus callous (a thick nerve cell cable connecting the left and right brain) This was found smaller in boys who were victims of neglect and girls who were victims of sexual abuse Zymbiotix This shrinking of the connector may also be linked to mood and personality switches Instability was seen in the cerebella vermin, a part of the brain the regulates emotions and attention It has been found that this part of the brain is affected more by the external environment than by genetic factors Due to extensive abuse, the brain experiences an overflow of stress hormones that affects brain signals, and it learns to overreact in all stressful situations (minor or major) Right-handed victims of abuse showed altered/unusual activity in the left side of the brain This may result in depression and memory trouble in victims Altered electrical activity in the brain also created seizure-like states without the presence of epilepsy This state of the brain also correlates with the thoughts of suicide that victims of abuse have had, with it occurring four to five times more than in healthy individuals The sooner child abuse is identified, the easier it is to prevent the psychological damage that ensues and only perhaps worsens with time Because even now several cases go unreported, it is difficult to arrest the damage it can cause at an earlier stage However, whenever identified, therapy, medication, and engagement in different types of stress-release and relaxation activities is known to help cope with the trauma to a certain extent emotional
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