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notice how the stress in these areas ebbs away, where doing it everyday will help you stay more calm, composed and relaxed. It is very important for one to slow down when things get stressful and too demanding when it comes to what is needed of us. Those with phobias and panic attack issues need guidance when helping themselves cope better when it comes to dealing with their problems. Be sure to sign yourself up for a relaxation therapy class or get guidance on how to do this from at home. Valerian Root for Anxiety The root of the herb valerian is a popular natural remedy for anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. This Buzzle article will give you a brief overview of the healing properties of valerian root, and its effectiveness in treating anxiety and insomnia. TAGGED UNDER: Valerian Root Advertisement The perennial flowering plant, Valeriana officinalis, and its roots have a long history of being used for medicinal purposes, mainly for treating anxiety and insomnia. The plant is native to certain parts of Asia.
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